K L  S H I
 Y E  C L E



Master of Fine Arts, University of Illinois at Chicago
Bachelor of Architecture, Ball State University, Muncie, IN


Up like a sun, down like a pancake, ICA Baltimore

The Live to Tape Artist Television Festival: Procedural Processional, Open Signal, Portland, OR (screening)

Tele-Thon, The Nightingale, Chicago (screening)

Stanley Brown Jewelist, Chicago, IL

Employee of the Month, South of the Tracks, Chicago, IL

Outside Jokes, Demo Projects, Springfield, IL

Privates, H.F. Johnson Gallery at Carthage College, WI

Art Show and Cake, curated by Seth Hunter, Beehold Cakes, Lafayette, CO

Hazy Days, Artist-Run Art Fair, Baltimore, MA (screening, in collaboration with Cameron Gibson)

It’s Just Business, Corner Gallery, Chicago

The Bear Necessities, The Sub-Mission, Chicago (solo)

A Rule by Nobody, Sector 2337, Chicago

The Spaces Between Chicagos, The Nightingale, Chicago (screening)

In Every End, A Beginning, Chicago Filmmakers (screening & performance, in collaboration with Cameron Gibson)

Eggresswasm, curated by Chris Reeves, Chase Public,Cincinnati, OH

Logan Square Art Festival, Chicago, IL

Document V, The Luminary, St. Louis, MO

The Other Business of Dr. Charles, Western Pole, Chicago (in collaboration with Cameron Gibson)

By Way of Today, live episodes at and on ACRE TV, Chicago/online(performance & screening, in collaboration with Cameron Gibson)

By Way of Today, The Nightingale, Chicago (screening, in collaboration with Cameron Gibson)

S.A.C.K. Office, Double Frame Gallery, Chicago (solo)

MPSTN, Fox River Grove, IL

Tele-novela, ACRE TV (screening)

The People’s Pamphlets, The Spudnik Press Annex, Chicago, IL

The People’s Pamphlets, Printer’s Ball, Chicago

Neon Dreams, Threewalls benefit auction, Chicago

Dial-A-Soap, Live To Tape at Links Hall, Chicago (screening)

The Day After Groundhog Day Might Still be Groundhog Day, The Nightingale, Chicago, IL (curator)

Ground Floor, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago

Group Format, Uptown Art Center, Chicago

Economies of Scale, MPSTN, Fox River Grove, IL (solo)

Reading Room, Strange Matter, Lansing, MI

It Narratives: Movement of Objects as Information, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT

IPO, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (performance)

quality, Devening Projects, Chicago

Trunk Show, Baltimore Alternative Art Fair

Fire Light, the Nightingale, Chicago (screening)

The Station (Second Instance), University of Illinois at Chicago (performance)

Lifelong Longing Set Tour, Gallery 400, Chicago (performance)

That’s the First Place They’ll Look, Gallery 400, Chicago

Test Patterns, Acre TV, Chicago (screening)

Episode 2: I Can’t Not Hear You, Chicago Underground Film Festival (screening)

Do-nuts and Gum, Trunk Show at Tusk, Chicago (catering)

Three Ways to Stretch Your Dog, or Any Dog, Trunk Show at Hyde Park Art Center (catering)

December Member Meeting, University of Illinois at Chicago (performance)

Hole Foods from Whole Foods, Trunk Show at Whole Foods, Chicago (catering)

Flag-Raising Ceremony, Temporary Allegiance (performance)

Medium Cool art book fair, Chicago

Inventory Day, Printer's Ball, Chicago (curator and performance)

Reading Room, Julius Caesar, Chicago

We'll Have One of Those, Like They Do Over There, University of Illinois at Chicago (performance)

Benefit Auction, Autumn Space, Chicago

MDW Art Fair, Chicago

The Things Behind the Things in Front, Autumn Space, Chicago (solo)

Wandering, Anecdotes, and Sumacs: a Trivial Excursion, WASTE gallery (curator)

Bauhaus Now, the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago

While All Such Things End, WASTE gallery (2 person show)

40 Hours, Autumn Space, Chicago

Art Loop Open, Chicago

Amateur Surveys, September at Hank & Dolly Gallery, Indianapolis, IN (2 person show)


The People's Pamphlets, Lt. Paper: Issue #3, Thing Stead #5, DBA, Cultural ReProducers: Propositions, Manifestos, & Experiments, Why Did the Canary Get In the Storm?, The Director's Hair (Counterfeit), Case Study #2: Pemrose Corporation, Prospectus, Map of the World, The Station (First Instance), Glossary, 7 Is Funnier Than 8, BRAZIL Objects 1-20 (republished), BRAZIL Objects 1-20, Teleporter #2, Rock Permutations, Equivalents, Scene Not Artifice, Rainbows & Love Songs, Danny Ainge: Everywhere, Never Enough No Nevermind, Amateur Surveys, Rabid Bits of Time, Horserider, A Day at the Races, Chip's Adventure


Director at Spare Residency (2011-present)
Propeller Fund Grant (2014)
Ox-Bow Residency Scholarship (2014)
Howard and Donna Stone Scholarship, University of Illinois at Chicago (2012)

SPARE: Stencil Printing Association for Risographic Excercise by Bailey Romaine, Bad at Sports blog, February 24, 2013
While All Such Things End by Jason Foumberg, Newcity, May 12, 2011
Waste Not: A transitory gallery makes art, not trash by Rachel Miller, Chicago Weekly, May 26, 2011